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Family Protector gives parents control of the iOS mobile devices in their household, enabling them to set age-appropriate limits, stop in-app purchases, and monitor online usage easily!

Enjoy a nice family dinner

  • Turn off web browsing and 3rd party apps
  • Display "Your device is locked for meal time" on the lock screen
  • Get back family mealtime
It's a struggle to get my children to put down their phones and pick up their forks.

A restful night's sleep

  • Schedule times for device freeze
  • Ensure they aren't distracted with apps and the Internet
  • Shut down video chat and the camera
My daughter stays up late with her friends on FaceTime. It's almost impossible to get her out of bed in the morning.

No more surprise purchases

  • Block app and in-app purchases
  • Help children learn the value of money
  • Prevent unexpected charges
When my son asked to download a new game, I didn't know it would let him make in-app purchases. I just got charged $117

An easier, safer experience

  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Manage all the family's iOS devices from one spot
  • Get notified if settings are changed
I want to keep parental controls on my child's iPad, but he's more technologically savvy than me and always removes them.

Family Protector Admin apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.

Admin apps provide immediate notifications and alerts so you can take quick action such as giving your child access to a specific website or knowing if they have downloaded a new app.

You must first create a Family Protector account before you can use the Admin apps.

Family Protector is the simplest way for parents to manage how children use their iOS devices.

With Family Protector, parents can regulate screen time, manage where their children go online and block expensive in-app purchases and the camera, all without having to be a technology expert.

Busy parents know it's impossible to constantly monitor how their children are using their iOS devices.

These devices can be a nonstop source of worry, whether it's wondering what websites they're visiting or worrying about how much time they spend in front of the screen. Parents need a way to set age-appropriate limits on their children's phones. Family Protector helps parents take back control of their family's devices, so they can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying quality time with their children.

Powerful features - easy to use!

Family Protector gives parents control of the iOS mobile devices in their household. It takes an average of 5 minutes to create an account and start managing your first device. Devices must be upgraded to iOS 8.

Block app and in-app purchases

Stop your children from unknowingly racking up charges to your iTunes account, whether it's buying apps or making in-app purchases.

Block or allow certain websites

Monitor what your children view online and actively block or allow certain sites to ensure your child's online experience is age appropriate.

Block their access to the camera and FaceTime

Ensure your children aren't using the camera or video chat at night or other unnecessary times by scheduling time when access is disabled.

Know where they go online

See what websites they're using and allow or restrict access to web browsing based on just the level of control you need for each individual child.

Safe search web browser

Enable safe browsing that's age-appropriate for your child and ensure their time spent online is time well spent.

Limit their access to age appropriate music, movies and books

Make sure what they're listening to, watching or reading is suitable for their age.

Notifications and alerts

Receive notifications in your management app if your child tries to access a blocked website or app, reinstall a forbidden app, or removes Family Protector from their device. You will get notifications on your management device and all alerts will be posted in the Alerts section where you can review them. Alerts are not deletable.

Get the whole family to the table

Let them know it's time to put down the iPhone or iPad and head to the dinner table by restricting their device with a few clicks.

Eliminate bedtime distractions

Schedule device restrictions during bedtime hours to help ensure they get a good night's sleep.

Get them to call home

Disable your unresponsive child's access to third party apps and web browsing while sending them a lock screen message to call you back.

Schedule screen time breaks

Schedule time to turn off 3rd party apps, stop web browsing and disable video chat and the camera so they can go enjoy other activities.

Control which apps on are their device

Know what apps they're using and get alerts when forbidden apps are installed. Restrict access to the App Store at any time.

Easy-to-use age-based rules

Easily set up each child's restrictions by choosing the default settings based on their age range, or customize various settings that will remain even if their age changes.

Managing all household devices couldn't be easier

Manage all the iOS devices in your household from any Internet connected computer through a web browser, or through our iOS or Android management apps.

No family is too big or too small

Made for every family, Family Protector lets you manage up to 15 active iOS devices - enough for the entire family! Plus, there's no limit to how many administrators you can have for the family.

Outlined below are questions often asked by our users. If you cannot find a answer here please contact us.

  • With Family Protector, can I really manage all my family's iPhones, iPads and iPod Touchs from any device?

    Yes, you can manage Family Protector from any device that is connected to the Internet and has a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, FireFox or Internet Explorer.

    You can also manage your children's iOS devices with Family Protector's iOS and Android management apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play. You must first register for an account to use the admin apps.

  • How can I purchase a subscription to Family Protector?

    You must first create an account to purchase Family Protector at Currently, subscription purchase is only available within the web admin. It can be accessed in Settings under My Account. Subscriptions are monthly and can be cancelled at any time. It's not yet sold through the iOS or Android apps.

  • What devices can Family Protector Manage?

    Family Protector can manage any iOS device that runs on iOS 8 or 9, including: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Can I manage my family's Mac with Family Protector?

    At this time, Family Protector only manages iOS devices: the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    If you're looking for parental controls for your Mac OS X, please check out ContentBarrier. ContentBarrier is not integrated with Family Protector and is a completely separate and different product.

  • I have an Android, but my children use an iPhone and iPad. Can we use Family Protector?

    Yes. You can manage Family Protector through any device with a web browser that is connected to the Internet, but we do have an Android admin app as well as an iOS admin app. To purchase Family Protector at this time, please visit You must create an account to purchase Family Protector. It's not yet sold through the iOS or Android apps.

  • I have a Windows computer, but my children use an iPhone and iPad. Can we use Family Protector?

    Yes. You can manage Family Protector through any device, but we do have an Android management app as well as in iOS app. To purchase Family Protector at this time, please visit You must create an account to purchase Family Protector. It's not yet sold through the iOS or Android apps.

  • What is Rook?

    Rook is Intego's Safari-like safe browser and only available with Family Protector. Rook is automatically installed with Family Protector and allows parents to monitor the web-browsing activities of their children and ensure that they only visit websites deemed appropriate for them.

    Rook comes with four web restriction modes and is customizable through the Family Protector management console by any administrator. Safari will be hidden in some modes and Rook will the your child's primary web browser.

    Rook web restriction modes:

    • Strict - for the youngest children who cannot visit or request access to any website outside what the parents have ok'd.
    • Request - for children who start exploring the Internet more that only go to pre approved websites, but can request access to others.
    • Open - to monitor web browsing activity without any website restrictions.
    • None - allows private web browsing to any website.

    Rook's default settings come from the age range you assign to your child, but can be easily modified at any time. Changing your child's age will not override any modifications you have set. Read more about Rook here.

    Rook has the same functionality as Safari for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch including:

    • Pinch & zoom
    • Clickable links
    • Bookmarks
    • Multiple tabs
    • Choice of default search engines including; Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo
    • Customizable homepage
    • Landscape mode
    • Tap to share
    • View browsing history (deleting history in the browser will not delete history in the admin app)
    • URL suggestions
    • Web browsing history
    • Save images
    • Recently closed tabs
    • Automatic full screen
    • Cookie blocking
    • Cut, copy, paste functionality
  • What is KidSet?

    KidSet is the Family Protector app that allows parents to quickly assign that device with just a few taps. This app is not required, but gives parents quick options when they need it, such as quickly handing your device to your child at a grocery store to avoid a meltdown.

    You must first add the device to Family Protector before it's available in KidSet. For more information about KidSet click here.

  • What happens if my child disables WiFi or puts their device in "Flight Mode"?

    If your child disables their managed device wifi alone, Family Protector can still communicate with the device by cellular data signals to send changes to restrictions. If you child puts the mobile device in "Flight Mode", Family Protector will not be able to communicate with the device.

    On the bright side, in Flight Mode, your child will be limited to what they can do on their device and will not be able to access the internet or work many apps requiring the Internet.

    If Family Protector cannot communicate with your managed device, the administrator will receive an alert.

  • What's up with app organization once I unrestrict a device?

    When you restrict a device by age with Family Protector, you will notice those apps that are not age appropriate will "disappear" from the device. These apps are still installed, but are hidden. Because of an Apple limitation, when the device is unrestricted, the apps come back in alphabetical order, rather than in the order they once were. As soon as Apple allows, we will change this in Family Protector.

  • Who is Family Protector designed for?

    Family Protector is designed for any parent who is concerned with how much time their children spend on an iOS device or worry about what they're exposed to while on a device. As many families now have multiple devices, parents are looking for a simple way to effectively manage and control all of their devices without having to monitor each one on an individual basis. With Family Protector, parents can simply log into, or access their iOS or Android management app to set up the appropriate controls across the entire family's iOS devices.

  • Can my device be upgraded to iOS 8?

    Here is a list of all supported iOS devices. This is subject to change, so be sure to check with Apple to see if your device can be upgraded:

    • The iPhone 4S
    • The iPhone 5
    • The iPhone 5C
    • The iPhone 5S
    • The iPod Touch fifth generation
    • The iPad 2
    • The iPad with Retina Display
    • The iPad Air
    • The iPad Mini
    • The iPad Mini with Retina Display
  • My child shares my iPhone. Can I give my child my device and apply restrictions only when they use it?

    Yes! Family Protector allows parents to manage all iOS devices in the Family Protector app, including the ones they use themselves. iOS devices must be upgraded to iOS 8 or 9 to be managed. For more information about managing devices click here.

    To let your child use your iPhone, use KidSet to assign it to your child and to assign it back to you when they are done. KidSet requires your Family Protector log-in, but also supports a passcode (4 digit PIN) and Touch ID for quicker switching.

    When you assign your iPhone to your child, the device will take on personalized restrictions. You will notice some apps disappear when your child uses the device, but will reappear when you assign it back to yourself.

  • Will my children know Family Protector is installed on their phone?

    Rook and KidSet are automatically installed with Family Protector and are visible apps.

    At Intego, we understand that parents trust their children but have concerns about their use of technology. They don't want an invasive, sneaky product that undermines the trusting relationship they have with their children.

    We created Family Protector for these parents who understand this. Children don't always know what's best. Family Protector is a tool that parents can use to openly guide children on the Internet. Parents can adjust Family Protector settings and restrictions as their children grow.

  • My children know more about technology than me. How do I keep them from removing Family Protector?

    Today's children are definitely technologically savvy! While there are a few ways to override Family Protector, we have created notifications and alerts to inform parents of such activities, so they can get back on track.

    No system is completely foolproof, Family Protector was created to strike a balance between providing parental controls for busy parents and not asking parents to give up private information such as their Apple login or jailbreak their children's iOS devices opening it up to security risks.

    If the managed device's certificate is uninstalled, administrators on the account will get a notification in the Family Protector dashboard, and an email notification as well.

  • What makes Family Protector better than other parental controls software?

    Family Protector was built around the premise that busy parents trust their children and want them to remain safe while connected to the Internet.

    Unlike many other parental control products, Family Protector does not require your family's devices to be Jailbroken, opening them up to security risk. It also does not require all your personal traffic be routed through a private third-party service, nor are you required to disclose your iCloud account information. Family Protector also offers some unique features including age-based restrictions, as well as the ability to send enforceable text messaging that require a response before the device can be used.

    Intego, the creator of Family Protector is one of the recognized leaders in Apple security and has been creating security and utility software exclusively for Apple products since 1997.

    Read more about How We Compare.

  • How does Family Protector work?

    We designed Family Protector to be simple to use and require no technology expertise, the engine that powers it is based on a sophisticated set of technologies that many of the world's biggest businesses use to manage mobile device usage of their employees. Built by Intego, the Apple Security experts, Family Protector takes just minutes to set up across a number of devices. Parents can manage all of their devices from the web-based console or from their own mobile device.

    Built on Apple's enterprise level technology, we worked hard to simplify Family Protector to be easy to set up and require no technology expertise to use.

  • What can Family Protector do to help my family?

    Family Protector helps parents reduce their children's screentime, control purchases made from the device, help schedule children's device, track and manage their web browsing activity, block camera use, as well as track and manage which apps are being downloaded to ensure they are age appropriate.

  • Is there a specific age-range that Family Protector is meant for?

    Family Protector can be tailored to fit children of every age. Using the applications built in age-based restrictions, parents can set and modify restrictions based on their child's specific age range so that everyone in the family is properly protected.

  • I have a teenager and a pre-schooler who use the same device. Can Family Protector work for both?

    Yes, Family Protector allows parents to set up multiple children and customize each with age appropriate rules. Parents can have several devices under management in the same account and can apply the child rules to any managed device the child is currently using. If two different children want to use the same device, just assign the device to the next child and the restrictions will automatically change.

    If 2 children are sharing a device at one time, it's probably best to assign the device to the youngest to be safe.

  • What are the key features of Family Protector?

    Family Protector includes more features than our competitors. Some of the most popular features include:

    • Age-based settings for apps, Apple's iBooks, iTunes content including music, TV and movies
    • Schedule break times
    • Automated enforceable message delivery (send ‘time out' or ‘meal time' messages, which turn off apps, web browsers and the camera)
    • Block app or in-app purchases
    • Scheduled access to camera, app store apps and web browsing
    • Control which websites your child can access
  • Can I use Family Protector on Android and Windows devices?

    Currently, Family Protector can only manage iOS devices. However, iOS devices can be managed from any web browser or the iOS or Android admin apps available on the App Store and Google Play. You must first create an account at to use the admin apps.

  • How long does it take to set up Family Protector?

    It's quick and easy to get started with Family Protector with just a few steps. Use our default settings based on your child's age range, or take more time to customize each child. Larger families will take more time to set up.

  • In what languages is Family Protector available?

    Currently Family Protector is available only in English. Additional languages are planned.

  • What can Family Protector tell me about my child's activities on a device?

    Family Protector allows you to see your child's web browsing history and apps installed, and sends triggered alerts based on their activity.

  • What type of rules can be set up in Family Protector?

    Parents can create scheduled rules to control app store apps, web browsing and access to the camera. For example, put children on a daily schedule to turn off the camera, web browsing and apps for bedtime or school time.

  • How can Family Protector help with too much screentime?

    Yes! Getting your children to the dinner table or to bed device-free can cause real headaches for parents. Family Protector can help in a few ways.

    • Schedule device-free time when apps, camera and web browsing are disabled to get kids to bed on time or to the table for mealtime.
    • Freeze the device on demand, with or without a warning, when you cannot get their attention away from the device. Examples of this are ‘timeout' and ‘call me' that shut down apps, camera and web browsing until your child responds.

    Your child will get a message on the device to let them know what is happening.

  • How does Family Protector restrict inappropriate websites?

    Rook has 4 web restriction modes that give parents the ability to restrict website content without all the false positives and hassle of some safe browsers. There is no way parents can possibly block all the bad content on the Internet, and most category content filters don't work that well, so we took a different approach to website restriction control.

    • Strict - Great for the youngest children who need strict guidance. Using Rook, your child can only visit websites you approve for them.
    • Request - For children who are starting to explore the Internet more, but still need guidance. Using Rook, your child can only browse to websites on your list, but can make requests which you must approve before they can visit.
    • Monitored - For older children who need supervision, but not necessarily restrictions. Using Rook, your child can go anywhere on the web, but you can see the visited sites in web history.
    • None - For older children who need no supervision or restrictions. Your child has access to Safari and can privately go anywhere on the web.
  • Is this just a way for parents to spy on their children?

    While Family Protector can be used to monitor a child's activities, it is primarily designed to help parents control screentime, ensure content is age appropriate, and provide a safeguard to prevent children from making app or in-app purchases. Family Protector does not have access to or provide access to text messages, passwords, email, keystrokes or other ‘personal' data.

  • Do I have to have my child's phone to change the settings for Family Protector?

    No, once you add your child's device to Family Protector, you can remotely change settings from any web browser with an Internet connection, as well as from the iOS or Android admin apps available at the App Store and Google Play.

  • My child sometimes changes the device passcode so I cannot get into the device, can Family Protector help?

    Yes! Once you add the device to FP and it's being managed, you can remotely reset the passcode so you can physically access the device again.

  • What types of pricing do you offer?

    Family Protector can be purchased on subscription for $5.00 per month (6.00 Euro, 4.50 GBP and 750 Yen).

  • I use our wireless router to control web browsing content. Why would I need a product like Family Protector?

    Wireless routers can be slow, complex to set up and only work when your children are on their devices at home. Family Protector works on your child's device wherever they are connected, so you don't have to worry when they are at a friend's house, at school or on the road running errands around town.

Family Protector works with your devices as they are

Some of our competitors require you to jailbreak your child's device. This not only opens your phone to malware, it also voids your warranty and prevents you from being able to update your iOS when new software is released.

We don't require you to give up your Apple ID

Other products require that you hand over your Apple ID and password in order to snoop on your children's texts and social media sites. Family Protector does not ask for or store any important personal information in order to provide you with powerful parental controls that help you gain control over your children's devices.

Better than the built in parental controls

Family Protector allows you to utilize the built in iOS parental controls, such as blocking app or in app purchases, but it also does more, such as scheduling device use or on demand device freeze. Parents can manage all of their family's active iOS devices from one spot remotely rather than having to go to each device one at a time.

Parental controls wherever they go

Unlike router parental controls that only work when children are on your network, Family Protector works with cellular or wi-fi data wherever they are connected.

No rerouting of your kid's information

They only way some products can control appropriate content on your child's device is to route all your child's information through their own private servers. You never have to worry about Family Protector sifting through your family's personal information such as text messages, contacts and emails because we will don't collect it.

Powerful technology made easy

At Intego, we used the same powerful technology to create Family Protector as big corporations use to securely manage their company's devices. We just made it a lot easier for your family to set up and use.